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Grace is Something That is Always Welcome at Christmas Dinners

By: Donna Martin

Can you name the people in your family tree?  Many people are interested in their family lineage.  They go to great links to research their ancestors.  They may find out that they come from famous people or maybe some shady people.

If you look in Matthew 1 you can find Jesus’ family line.  You might be surprised to know that among the Savior of the World’s family tree there were murders, a prostitute, a gentile who was from an outcast race of people, and a lady who did some pretty “kinky” things with her father-in-law, and several other “questionable” people.  Christmas dinner with a family line like the one Jesus had might be a little uncomfortable.

But one thing that this long line of people had in common was that they were offered God’s grace, love, and redemption.

What about your family?  When you get together this Christmas will there be some “questionable” people among you?  Maybe a free spirited sister-in-law that moves to her own beat, a businessman that has been less than honest, a step-child that has already been to 4 Christmases by the time they get to yours, a mother-in-law who is like the energizer bunny and never stops talking.

Perhaps you may need to be the one that extends grace to that person in your family who feels a little outcast.  Maybe you can be the one who makes sure the unwelcome child feels welcome.  Maybe you can realize that your mother-in-law is just excited to have the whole family together and you can give her the love she wants from you.

Maybe it is your spouse who needs your grace.  Schedules get busy, budgets get out of balance, and things that need to be done get forgotten in all of the hustle and bustle.  Just like the song says,

“We often get discouraged and people get upset

When things don’t all go right on Christmas Day.

But what we should remember in all the push and shove,

Is Christmas is a time for love.” 

I hope that you will show love and grace to all of the people in your family this Christmas season. 

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