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Happy New Year!

By:  Donna Martin

We are celebrating this New Year on board a boat on the Amazon River.  I wrote this article before we embarked on our journey.  At that time I did not know exactly what we would be encountering, but hopefully we are seeing lives changed as people in the villages come to know Jesus.  Please pray for us and for all of our team members.  Here are some things that you can pray about:

1.  God to be glorified
2.  Clear guidance from the Holy Spirit
3.  Spiritual warfare against the enemy
4.  Many open doors for the gospel
5.  Boldness and clarity in preaching Christ
6.  Christmas program to run smoothly
7.  Many people to be saved and discipled
8.  Clear presentation of the gospel
9.  Unity, good attitudes, humility
10.  Good health, safety, and protection
11.  Communication (especially across cultures)
12.  Protection and care for family left at home

We have found that serving others is a way of strengthening our marriage.  Perhaps you and your spouse can ask God to direct you to find a place where you can serve Him by serving others this year.  It doesn’t have to be in a foreign country.  Most likely there are people in your neighborhood, at your job, or even in your church who would benefit by an act of kindness expressed by you and your spouse.

Follow the example of Jesus that he set for us in Mark10:45 when he said, "For the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."

The Martins currently present “Happy Together” Marriage Enrichment Events for churches and organizations.  To schedule an event call Michael at 940-735-1515.  They are certified “Prepare/Enrich” Facilitators and are available to work with couples on an individual basis using the “Prepare/Enrich Assessment.”  They publish a weekly “Happy Together” Blog about family and marriage issues.  You can order copies of their new books Dancing With Death and 366 Tidbits We Have Learned in 14,610 Days of Marriage, read and subscribe to their “Happy Together” Blog by logging onto the Martin’s website at 

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