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Who’s In the Bathroom?

By:  Donna Martin

Just when I think the world cannot get any crazier it does!  We usually do not tend to get involved in politics in our blogs, but the transgender bathroom issue is something that I cannot keep quiet about.

I taught in public schools for 32 years in the elementary setting and in junior high.  I can attest to the fact that there are plenty of things going on inside and outside of the classroom that teachers deal with on a daily basis that have nothing to do with reading, writing and arithmetic. 

The bathroom has always been a source of conflict in school.  Some children are always finding an excuse to go to the bathroom.  I would have to send someone to find out what had happened to a child who had been gone to the bathroom for an unusually long time.  They were often just wondering in the hallway or doing something they should not do while in the bathroom.  Sometimes we tried limiting the times when a child could go to the bathroom.  They were only allowed to go during lunch or recess breaks or a class bathroom break, unless of course there was an emergency.  When the entire class lined up in the hallway and took turns going to the bathroom it took forever.  I always wondered why children wanted to stay in the bathroom so long. It was not usually a pretty place, and it never smelled good.  I was often called to the bathroom because there was a fight or someone was swinging on the stalls or the boys were having a contest to see who could pee the highest.  Bathroom behavior was not a subject that we were taught to deal with in college.

I write all of this to say that I feel the transgender bathroom controversy has nothing to do with the welfare of our children.   I have attached the links to several articles written by a pediatrician on the subject of transgender children.  Please take time to read them.  The issue of confusion over one’s sexual identity only applies to less than 1% of the population.  Why should the other 99% of our children be exposed to this subject that would only confuse them? It would also add to the myriad of other things in this crazy world that robs children of their childhood.  Their childhood is an innocent time of life when they should be protected and nurtured by their parents.  It is a time of life when they should be free from issues they are too young to comprehend – issues that would only confuse and cause stress in their sweet lives.

For the 1% of children who really do experience issues of gender dysphoria, the bathroom law is not helpful.  It only calls attention to an issue of stress and confusion in their lives.  Their issue should be dealt with privately between the parent, teacher and school administration.  The child could be allowed to go to the bathroom at a separate time from other children.  Since most of these children are physically one gender or the other, they would be less humiliated by going to the restroom where they have the same anatomy as other children.

A teacher is required to keep certain information about her students confidential.  Things such as whether a child is on free lunch, has a health issue that requires special attention, or has a learning disability is not discussed with other students in the class.  What makes our government officials believe that exposing a child’s gender dysphoria to the entire class is beneficial to anyone involved?  If we really care about all children, as adults we need to do what we can to protect them from unnecessary subjects with which they are too young to understand.

For the most part I am a kind and understanding woman.  But if boys had been allowed in the girls’ locker room when my daughter was in junior high and high school, you can be sure this mother would have been at the school voicing my disapproval loud and clear.  I have taught junior high boys and believe me a great majority of them will use this law to their advantage.

I have attached the link to 3 articles by pediatrician, Meg Meeker, that I think are very helpful on this subject.  I found them on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk website.  I hope you will take the time to read them.

Transexuality and Your Kids

Today's Gender Language

When Did Using the Bathroom Get So Complicated

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