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Mother Was Right!

By: Donna Martin

Shortly after I was born, my parents bought the newest invention of the modern age, their first television set.  My mother was worried that the addition of the new television set into our family might keep me from getting the attention that I needed.  As it turns out my mother was very forward thinking for her time. 

Studies today have shown that having a television turned on even if no one is watching it reduces the communication between parent and child.  The normal amount of words that a parent speaks to a toddler in one hour is 940, but when the television is on, even if no one is watching it, the amount of words spoken in an hour is reduced to 770.

Studies have shown that being exposed to television and other devices with screens (phone, ipads, etc.) can have detrimental effects on children under the age of 18 months in the following areas:

  • learning to pay attention
  • reading skills
  • developing short term memory
  • sleep habits
  • language development

Between 18 months and 5 years screen time should be limited to not more than one hour a day, and parents should view the programs with the child. (This was another area in which my mother was wise.  As children we were only allowed to watch one program on Saturday mornings.)  Of course what the child watches is also important.  Children quickly pick up on bad words and inappropriate behaviors, so make sure what your children watch reflect your values.

What babies and toddlers need most in order to develop properly is interaction with their parents or other caregivers.  Time passes so quickly.  Make the most of every moment you have with your child.

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