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Honor You Father

By:  Donna Martin

Father’s Day is just around the corner and, although men sometimes act like they don’t care, they really do care about being respected and honored.  So how can you honor your dad this Father’s Day? 

If you live close enough to your dad, a visit is always a good way to honor him.  Take time to sit down and really listen to your dad.  Put away the cell phone and have a real conversation.  Ask him about his life and what he has been doing.  Ask his opinion about things.  Ask for his advice.  Talk about things that interest him.  Tell him about things you have been doing.  If your children are still at home take your children to visit him and encourage them to talk to your dad.  Play games together, go for a walk, fish, play tennis, toss the baseball, or play golf.  Do something your dad enjoys doing.  Giving your time and attention is a wonderful gift.  Even if your schedule prevents you from going on Father’s Day, plan a special visit a few days before or after Father’s Day.

Go to church with your dad.  Many people go to church with mom on Mother’s Day, so why not do the same on Father’s Day?  I know as a mother, I feel so loved when my grown children visit our church service.  There is just something about worshipping together as a family that is very special.  So if possible, attend church with your dad, then go out for lunch.

If you live far away, you may not be able to travel to your dad’s house for Father’s Day.  You can still honor him.  Give him a call or better still FaceTime or Skype him.  Before you call, think of things that you can talk about.  Gather your children around you before you call and talk to them about something they can talk to their granddad about.  Help them think of questions that they can ask him and things that they can tell about their lives.

 Send you dad a card or mail him a gift. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. It could be something as simple as an old photo of the two of you with a special thank you note written on the back.  You might even put it in a frame.  A gift card to his favorite restaurant or to the movies would be easy to mail.  Or you could send him some goodies. There are websites like Tiff’s Treats that will deliver fresh baked cookies.

Whatever you do, do more than just text your dad.  He deserves a little more than that.  Of course if your dad is in a different country or on a different continent a text may be the best you can do.  If so say more than just “Happy Father’s Day.”  Text him what you appreciate him or tell him what he has done to influence your life.

 Ephesians 6:2 says to “Honor your father and mother – which is the first commandment with a promise.”  This commandment does not expire when a person reaches age 18.  No matter how old we are, and no matter how old our parents are, we are still commanded to honor them.  Children are always observing their parents.  If your children observe you honoring your parents, more than likely they will learn to honor you now and when you are older.

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