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Leaving a Lasting Legacy – Part 6

By:  Mike Martin

Couples can leave a positive legacy for their family helping each other and their children develop a strong Godly character.

The word ‘character” comes from the Greek word kharaktermeaning “engraved mark” or “symbol or imprint on the soul”.   Synonyms for the word character are personality, moral fiber, temperament, disposition, nature and spirit.  Character is “your moral self” and the “crown of a moral life,” and is referred to as your “moral structure”.  Character is something a person builds through virtuous behavior.  A person’s character can be developed, improved, and enhanced by a spouse, parents, children and anyone else that the person is around.  To help your family member build character requires that you have a Godly character.  You have an important job to help build the moral character of your spouse and children. The words you use, the moral behavior your exhibit, your smiles, your frowns,  your calmness, your yelling and outrages, and your personal control in tense situations all effect the building of your spouse’s/children’s character.  If you are a person of character, you have chosen to live a more disciplined and a less selfish life and that is the type character that you want your spouse/children to have also. You can leave a legacy by helping your spouse/children develop a strong Godly character. 

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