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What We Believe:


We believe there is one God, and that

man was created to glorify and worship God.


We believe that Jesus Christ is the

Son of God.  He was born of

a virgin, lived a sinless life, and

died on the cross to save us

from our sins.


We believe that he

arose from the grave and ascended

to heaven and that one day he

will return to earth.


We believe that Jesus is the only

way to salvation.  When a person

repents from his sins and places

his faith in Jesus, then he is

saved for eternity and will go to

heaven when he dies.  If a person

rejects Jesus he will spend eternity in hell.


We believe that the Bible is divinely

inspired and is the Word of God,

without error.


We believe that marriage was

instituted by God and is intended

to be between one man and one woman.